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Pretty Girl Paper uses 100# cover paper, designer, textured, and imported Italian paper.

Our cards are printed using a Kluge EHD Foil Stamping press. Kluge presses are made by a single craftsman within a family business formed in 1919. Pretty Girl Paper is lovingly designed, printed, and packaged in Richmond, Virginia.

Beth Harris, Pretty Girl Paper

The Story Behind
Pretty Girl Paper


The first time I tried to write about myself and the reasons why I started Pretty Girl Paper, a good friend read it and replied “this isn’t you, you are a Chanel purse with a Big Gulp inside.” She knows me well! I have been known to carry a drink in my purse, and I have way too many designer handbags.

Actually, my Mama gave me the nickname Pretty Girl as a baby, and I’ve loved all things pretty my entire life. I can even remember picking out her outfits in kindergarten. Mama said it “was just easier than showing up to my elementary school in clothes I hadn’t pre-approved.”

As a result, I majored in Fashion in college, went on to work in New York and London, and ended up in Richmond, Virginia. On this journey, I’ve always surrounded myself with things I find beautiful. That’s what Pretty Girl is all about.

I started Pretty Girl Paper because I truly love paper, and the history and joy that are created when a letter is mailed. Pretty Girl Paper is beauty with an edge, glamour with a side of humor, a luxe social stationery that is the perfect choice for any correspondence.

The cards and letters I have saved throughout my life tell a story about who I was, who I am, and the family and friends I have cherished along the way. I hope that you will use Pretty Girl Paper in much the same way that I do, not just on special occasions, but to drop a note in the mail to let someone know you are thinking about them, and that you value their place in your life.

Much Love!